Veera Khare Asher, DMA, NSCA-CSCS
P2V Rehabilitation/Performance Exercise Specialist 
singer, musician, teacher, director, producer

The Enhanced Pilates2Voice® (P2V) Technique is an application used to Optimize Athletic Performance of the Voice and the Core Simultaneously
It is supported by scientific knowledge from Sport Science.

Fewer Sessions with Significant Results and Lasting Effects
for VOICE and CORE Performance.

P2V BENEFITS for Optimal:

  • Posture and establishing "Performance Body" (i.e. spinal alignment/health)
  • Breath Management & Breath Control Optimizing Voice/Core Performance
  • Inspiratory Breath Capacity (i.e.vital lung capacity)
  • Voice and Core Strength, Power & Endurance through new neuromuscular recruitment patterns (i.e. muscle contraction sequences)
  • Laryngeal Stabilization for Vocal Phonation and Resonation
  • Joint Release (primarily ankle, knee, hip and jaw [TMJ])
  • Reduced Performance Anxiety through Mental Control and Endurance 
  • Verbal Articulation (optimizing articulators - primarily tongue and lips)
  • Physical Balance, Coordination and Agility Basic Exercises
  • Vocal Versatility (i.e. vocal styles including spoken, belt, classical)
  • Diagnostic/ Reeducation Tool: re: postural and respiratory dysfunction or overuse vocal/physical injury
  • Training Tool: for Multidisciplinary or Hybrid Performing Artists™ (e.g. Aerialist-Singer, Ballet-Opera Singer) 

Elite Performance

A DREAM may not be a GOAL, 
but it is a good place to START!

World Voice Day April 16th

World Voice Day Event at The Recording Academy


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